Lanetta Dawson reviewed us on 02/09/2015
You can always count on friendly professional service when you visit Get Twisted Hair Studio. They make you feel right at home with their cozy warm atmosphere. Not to mention you'll be very satisfied with your do. I have long locs and i must say I'm always happy with my style
Toni Robinso reviewed us on 02/07/2015
I like the hair style that i ask for thats was duplicate from a picture i saw. Great place to get a weave done!!
Annette Robinson reviewed us on 02/01/2015
I'm very satisfied with my crochet braid hairstyle. I would recommend this salon to anyone who wants a great hair experience! Sasha is great!
Allison Samantha Hall reviewed us on Facebook 02/01/2015
This place is the best! The customer service is the best and the quality of work is excellent.
Soren Christensen reviewed us on Facebook 02/01/2015
I came here a few times for Supreme to do my haircut and it always came out great,my girl likes it. The place is clean, one thing I hate is when I walk into a barber shop and theres hair all over the floor. It was different here, I was comfortable.
Martina Keiana reviewed us on Facebook 01/29/2015
Had the most horrible experience of my life here! RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, and let's not get started on the CUSTOMER SERVICE! I was a regular client here for 2yrs with no issues. Last month I went for my regular retwist (locs) and dye. The owner of the shop lied to me able being able to dye my hair, over processed my hair by stripping it 3 times, left me with dye in my hair refusing to rinse it out because I said I didn't like the color, screamed at me, and talked about me to other clients in the shop. DO YOUR SELF A FAVOR, STAY FARRRRRRR AWAY FROM HERE!!!!
DOMINIC Stanisraus reviewed us on 01/15/2015
I have been coming to Get Twisted since they fist came on the scene around 2003 and they are great at what they do.They don't just re-twist and do maintenance to my locs, but after 10+ years they are like my hair family..
Anonymous reviewed us on 01/15/2015
I jut had my kinky twist done by Sasha. She did such a great job, jut like I knew she would. I have been coming here for years now and she never fails to disappoint. I told her my hands wee killing me because I lift heavy boxes on a daily basis. She was kind enough to massage my hands for me. That was the best part of my appointment. I appreciate her listening to me.
Donald Osbourne reviewed us on 01/14/2015
They are the best. Great prices and the special attention you get when you are there. The place is well kept and the people are professionals. Every time I leave I look better than the last time I was there.
Tariq Muhhmmad reviewed us on 01/14/2015
From the moment you walk in the door you feel like your among family!! The atmosphere is always inviting and I always leave feeling/looking great!! #bestshopintown
Priscilla Bibby reviewed us on 01/10/2015
Job well done very happy .
Anonymous reviewed us on 01/07/2015
This family business goes out of the wy to make you feel at home, regardless of your ethnicity. They use quality products, and strive to stay on the cutting edge of style.
Rawn Randall reviewed us on 01/06/2015
Why do I keep coming back? Because Get Twisted is the best hair shop in a 50 mile radius! Forget New York City. Why deal with rude hairstylist and pay crazy prices? And where can you park in New York City?go see Sascha she's the best!
Nathalie E. reviewed us on Yelp 01/06/2015
I would recommend for anyone to come to Get Twisted Hair Salon for their natural hair care needs. After being fed up with another local salon, I found Get...
Anonymous reviewed us on 01/04/2015
I always feel welcome and they do a great job every time. Wouldn't go anywhere else !
Shonna Etienne reviewed us on 01/04/2015
Gentle on my hair, GREAT MASSAGES, and a personable family. Sasha is creative, enthusiastic and eager to please. I am pleased. Thanks Sasha!
Cecily Rueger reviewed us on 01/03/2015
Get Twisted is fantastic1 Sasha had done a wonderful job with my hair as well as my daughter's. She creates beautiful styles and is passionate about maintaining healthy hair with the best products. I would absolutely recommend Get Twisted for your next salon appointment!
Marie Duversin reviewed us on 01/03/2015
This is a great hair salon. I was referred here by my friend Irlene because she gets her hair pressed hair. I needed a place to go because my hair was starting to look like it needed to be done. So glad I came here. Sasha was very patient with me and answered all my questions. My hair came out great the first time around. This is actually my second visit here. She did chunky two strands, so tomorrow im going to take the twists out and wear my twist out. This is my new salon. What can I say I love it. No complaints
Anonymous reviewed us on 01/02/2015
I love how silky my hair feels after Sasha does my silk press. I've been coming to her for awhile now and my hair comes out great everytime She did a weave for me one with a lace closure and it blended so seamlessly,everyone thought it was my real hair. I will continue to come here and I plan on trying the 2 hour persian escape massage because my back is killing me
Jason Wallace reviewed us on 12/28/2014
Fastest and most efficient/stylish job I'be had done on my locks in the past 8+ years. Excellent customer service, a very relaxed and comfortable environment!
Tashika Bills reviewed us on 12/28/2014
Everytime I get my hair done here I feel comfortable and well taken care of. Sasha is my hair stylist and she is truly great at what she does. She always pays extra attention to making my hair look and feel wonderful. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.
Osheem Kat reviewed us on 12/24/2014
Get Twisted is a wonderful hair salon, open 6 days a week. looking for a hair salon can be very difficult due to driving long distances, grumpy stylist, & exorbitant pricing. When you want convenient scheduling, good personalities, lenient prices; Get Twisted is the hair salon to chose.
Diana Solomon reviewed us on Google+ 12/23/2014
I love getting my hair done at 'GetTwisted', the atmosphere is very calming and relaxing and I get lots of compliments after getting my hair styled there.
Kimberly Mocombe reviewed us on 12/21/2014
I've been going to this hair salon for a couple of months now for my dreads. My experience has been great. The staff are wonderful and friendly and they are quick to help with any questions I had. The massages are so relaxing as well. I love the atmosphere and their professionalism.
Olabisi Kuye reviewed us on 12/21/2014
Sasha @ get twisted is a talented hair care professional and I would recommend her to anyone seeking someone for natural hair care.
Claudette Barnes reviewed us on 12/21/2014
Get twisted makes you leave happy. you can tell them what you want. They advise you what's best to do with your hair. I am pleased with them.
Kimmie Mocombe reviewed us on Google+ 12/20/2014
I loved my first experience here. The staff was extremely helpful and gave me some wonderful advice about my dreads. They are very professional as well. Sasha usually does my hair and she is the best, very kind and helpful with all my questions. I would recommend this salon to anyone. I've been coming here for a couple of months now and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I love it and I love the hairstyles they give me. It's a very welcoming and beautiful salon.
Anissa New-Walker reviewed us on Facebook 12/19/2014
Sasha does a great job with my Locs! She also gives the best scalp massages!
Kathy Sermon reviewed us on Facebook 12/14/2014
Stacy Crisman reviewed us on 12/09/2014
Sasha is a true professional at her craft. The quaility of her work is 110%. The shop was clean and organized. I will definitely be back.
Kurtis Jones reviewed us on 12/09/2014
Awesome place, I am looking good with the Locs locked !! Can't go wrong here. And can get a massage too! Over the top.
Shonna Etienne reviewed us on Facebook 12/07/2014
Gentle on natural hair, pleasant and professional.
Rosemarie Dunham reviewed us on 11/30/2014
Of all the salons I have been to over the years, Get Twisted Hair Studio is my favorite. The owners are very professional and that go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable. The place is always clean and nicely decorated. My stylist Sasha is the best.
Wassy sweet reviewed us on Google+ 11/23/2014
Get Twisted Hair Studio is a great hair salon and very clean. The workers are so nice and very professional and they do all types of hair. I get my hair done by Sasha and she is very good with hair and she makes me look and feel beautiful.
Wosilatu Age reviewed us on Facebook 11/23/2014
Get Twisted is a great Hair salon the people here are so nice and very professional. I get my hair done by Sasha and she very good.
Jac Graves reviewed us on 11/19/2014
Outstanding service and excellent professionals.
Lydia Williams reviewed us on 11/18/2014
My experience at get twisted is always grate. Excellent customer service and people alway give me lots of compliments on my hairstyles .
Imani Needham reviewed us on Facebook 11/16/2014
This was my first time going here. And they're amazing!!!! The salon is friendly and welcoming, and the stylists make sure you walk out a happy customer. I will definitely be coming here again
Sharnelle A Laidley reviewed us on Facebook 11/16/2014
Great, friendly and relaxing hair salon with an exceptional staff.
Shellie Green reviewed us on 11/12/2014
The salon is very clean, the staff is professional they use high quality products and if your appointment is at 12:00 oclock they take you at 12:00 oclock.
Aquela Hutton reviewed us on Facebook 11/12/2014
This is a wonderful place to get your hair done. They do an exceptional job and really care about their customers!
Harold Williams reviewed us on Facebook 11/11/2014
taheem reviewed us on MerchantCircle 11/10/2014
Supreme cuts my hair and mo cuts my hair sometimes. They both do a great job, I like them equally. Sasha and Sheryl do the weaves and relaxers and all that.
Shellie Gman reviewed us on Facebook 11/09/2014
It's the only place to get pampered pro style!!!
Jeanne Jeanne reviewed us on Facebook 11/09/2014
I've been coming hear ever since Sasha did my big chop, so that's 5 years and I love it!!!! Sheryl and Sasha does my weave and I don't go any where else for my natural hair and my weaves !!! Im stuck like crazy glue when it comes to this place !!!
Maurico Phillips reviewed us on Facebook 11/05/2014
Stephanie S. reviewed us on Yelp 11/04/2014
This is a great salon! I have been a loyal customer for 5 years now and I wouldn't go anywhere else. From the time I had relaxed hair to transitioning to...
Levere Ward reviewed us on Facebook 10/31/2014
Moe love best haircut i ever had Friendly clean takes his time and gives u what you want the first time every time don't get left out
Anonymous reviewed us on 10/31/2014
Both my husband and I go to the salon and we are so happy to support Supreme and Cheryl. They have a thriving business because they are professional, responsive, and always do a great job with our hair! You always feel very welcome in the salon and always feel leaving like a million bucks. We have and will not hesitate to recommend Get Twisted and Salon Sharon to any of our friends!
Mercia Solomon reviewed us on Facebook 10/31/2014
I really love the atmosphere at get twisted I really feel like family whenever I go to get my hair done. If something comes up unexpectly for me I can just give them a call and they are always willing to accommodate me at any short notice. I know that whenever I get my hair done it's always done professionally, Cheryl, Shasa and Supreme are so warm and friendly. There really is a warm, exciting and friendly spirit that you experience when you are there. I love the way I am pampered and made comfortable when I visit. I recommend them to anyone so I give them the full five stars. Keep up the wonderful works.
Michele Hogan reviewed us on Facebook 10/31/2014
I've been coming to this salon for a few years now. It's one of the best simply because I always feel as though I'm heard and my hair comes out just the way I want even if it's a simple wash and set, a relaxer, or a weave. They're always professional, respectful, and can even accommodate last minute requests. Give them a try.
Anthony Charles reviewed us on Facebook 10/31/2014
Very professional, love the atmosphere.
Tariq Muhammad reviewed us on Facebook 10/31/2014
Best place to get a cut get massage you name it they do it!!
Diana Solomon reviewed us on 10/30/2014
Great interactions with Sasha. Always enjoy my visits and lively conversations and my hair loves her too.
Wendell De Gannes reviewed us on Google+ 10/29/2014
long time client. Supreme has a high level of intelligence and treats every customer with respect. Get twisted has an atmosphere unlike any other shop I have ever been too. Very family oriented. No unedited Rap!! No cursing!! No mature conversations like other shops!!
Mickey Cohen reviewed us on Facebook 10/29/2014
If you want to get your best haircut of your life + good service...... Make sure to come :D :D
Nieka Trackstar Bambi reviewed us on Facebook 10/28/2014
Sasha is the bomb and the establishment is so professional love it!!! And they do great hair.....
Fredi B. reviewed us on Yelp 10/28/2014
This is a great full service salon with great expertise. Always accommodating, Sasha will listen to what you want and create your vision. I always come away...
Kurtis Jones reviewed us on Facebook 10/28/2014
Warm place, warm people. Always happy with the results of coming here. Food next door is great too.
Rosemarie Dunham reviewed us on Facebook 10/27/2014
I love coming here to get my locs done. This is my favorite salon. Everyone is friendly and very professional. The place is always warm and clean. My stylist Sasha is the best so are the owners, Sheryl and Supreme.
Amanda Simms reviewed us on Google+ 10/26/2014
I have had nothing but good experiences. I leave the salon completely satisfied. I've had 3 different stylists style my hair and they all do amazing jobs. This would be the ideal place to get your locks done
Andarra Kertet-Altair Romeo reviewed us on Facebook 10/26/2014
If you want healthy hair...and you want it to stay that way...Come here!! Great place great service!
Marie Duversin reviewed us on Google+ 10/25/2014
I had a great experience today at Get Twisted Hair Studio. The name of my stylist was Sasha and she gave me a beautiful silk press
Beauty Q. reviewed us on Yelp 10/24/2014
Sasha does my hair and she does a great job. Been coming here over a year and will keep coming
Fredi Brown reviewed us on Facebook 10/24/2014
Luke E. reviewed us on Yelp 10/24/2014
I have been coming here for years since a kid and i have always loved the way i look and feel after each visit. The staff is more like close friends and...
Anonymous reviewed us on 10/23/2014
Get twisted helped me grow and groom my locs from teeny, tiny twists to lovely shoulder length locs. I get so many compliments on my hair style and on the flattering color of my hair. I give all props to Get twisted.
Ochieng Katlego reviewed us on Facebook 10/23/2014
Get Twisted is the best hair salon that can braid and do dreadlocks in New Jersey. The hairstylist do great work for a reasonable price. Also they provide me with good tips on how to moisturize my scalp.
Pete Durand reviewed us on Google+ 10/23/2014
This is truly a place worth coming in, you can get your hair cut, Facial, and now body massage, that feels like you have been touch by an angel. When you leave you feel like a new person, all over, body and mind. After 15 years of Service I feel like at home.
Pete Durand reviewed us on Facebook 10/23/2014
I have been coming to this shop since it was Ours Place, now Get Twistwed, over 15 yrs. they always made me feel like at home. Now I get my hair cut, facial, and now body massage. All in one place, friendly smile, positive talk, and great price...
Freddie Barber reviewed us on Google+ 10/22/2014
Relaxing and completely gratifying experiences.
Gail Bazemore reviewed us on 10/22/2014
Great service! They use top of the line hair products. You can get facial massages as well as wellness products. I have been a client for the past 7 years. When you have tried the rest try the best!
Angel Baby reviewed us on Google+ 10/22/2014
Ok, where do I start. I had my weave done by Sasha about a little over a month ago and it still looks good. She didn't do it too tight and was really nice, whih i was surprised by. Because when I get my hair done most stylists give me an attitude because im tender headed. I highly recommend this place and i'm going back next week for her to install my crochet braids
Taheem Williams reviewed us on Google+ 10/22/2014
I've been going to get twisted for 7 years and it is the best All natural hair salon/ Barber shop i've ever gone to! its a warm welcoming environment where as you can just converse with like minds and actually leave, having learned something new.... weather it be something about your hair or something for your brain. I would recommend this Hair Spa to Any and Everyone!
Taheem W. reviewed us on Yelp 10/22/2014
Get Twisted is the best hair Studio, that I've gone to in a long time... And I will advise every and anyone who wants to experience a relaxing peaceful...
Jerrette Frank reviewed us on Facebook 10/22/2014
Great place to take care of yourself. Hair, nails, facials, massages. It's more than just a barbershop and salon. I like how it is quiet and laid back. There is always something positive and uplifting on the board near the entrance. Good family atmosphere
Taheem Williams reviewed us on Facebook 10/22/2014
I get my haircut here all the time. The barbers are great at what they do. Their lines come out sharp and precise. They value their work so they make sure I look good every time I walk out.
Jarryd Trillyoung'Savage Lee reviewed us on Facebook 10/21/2014
I swear on everything I love, I completely adore this place, great service , great results, and the best massage ever! Thank You
Anonymous reviewed us on 10/21/2014
Sasha's hands are so smazing, she has magic fingers . I swear I could pay her just to wash my hair. Ugh, I look forward to going back to my appointments for that shampoo experience. So I love this place, customer service is on point and I always leave happy
Kellye Saunders reviewed us on 10/21/2014
Get twisted is a great hair salon. My salon stylist ,Sasha, is very talented. She is always professional and listens to any questions or concerns I have and ladies you all know how important that is when you are trusting someone with your hair. :-) Make an appointment today, you won't be disappointed.
Elijah Alejandro Castro reviewed us on Facebook 10/21/2014
Been Coming to this shop / Studio since I was eight years old and if I think about it I can't find any complaints about it. Any haircut I want I get it just how I want it, and I even get advice on what product to use if I want my hair a certain way. The two barbers have tons of experience and make the shop comfortable to be in. They also have a salon where you can get twists braids, etc. Prices are dope too !
Edna Payne reviewed us on 10/20/2014
Very professional hair salon. Great personalities in the business that are supportive to their customers needs and hair desires.
Anonymous reviewed us on 10/20/2014
Great Salon.
Malinda Jones reviewed us on Facebook 10/20/2014
I loved going to this hair salon when I lived in NJ for my loc maintenance. The service given was always professional.
Rawn Randall reviewed us on Facebook 10/20/2014
Words to describe Get Twisted: courteous, professional, dedicated and thorough. These guys deliver consistently. I've been going there for 4 years and I'll never let anyone else ever touch my LOCS!
Jomo Guscott reviewed us on Facebook 10/19/2014
Great professional service I absolutely love going here. Two thumbs up.
Stephanie Clark reviewed us on Facebook 10/19/2014
I absolutely love this salon. The service is wonderful. The staff are warm and personable. It's like being in your living room while getting your hair done. I have been coming to this salon for the past 8 years. I also get my eyebrows done here. I am always satisfied.
Mona Spann reviewed us on Facebook 10/19/2014
My daughter and I both get our hair done here. Our hair is healthy and growing. I am happy to have a stylist who cares about the health of our hair. Thanks!
Leslie Hopper reviewed us on Facebook 10/19/2014
5 stars! Great service!!!
Jaren Harrison reviewed us on Facebook 10/19/2014
Zidana Bell reviewed us on Facebook 10/19/2014
This is my favorite salon in Jersey. Everyone is attentive to your needs and helping you find healthy solutions to hair care and they do the best eyebrows.
Stephanie Stokes reviewed us on Facebook 10/12/2014
This is the best salon in town! I've been coming here for over 5 years now and the service is exceptional. Extremely punctual and always willing to accommodate my busy schedule. They do a great jobs with twists. I've had spring/bomb twists & Nubian twists done by Sheryl & Sasha. I highly recommend them. Make an appointment now. You won't be disappointed :-) !
Matt Dear reviewed us on Facebook 11/07/2013
Marc Muckle reviewed us on Facebook 11/04/2013
Carla Tyson reviewed us on Facebook 10/31/2013
Timothy Dixon reviewed us on Facebook 08/02/2013
Theresa Tutten reviewed us on Facebook 07/09/2013
Dylan Anthony Lopez reviewed us on Facebook 05/28/2013